Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PETA Rejected Superbowl Ad

As part of the civil discourse on this blog, I've tried to take the higher road that Waiting For Next Year has provided.  I don't want a blog filled with naked women, partily clothed women, or cheerleader blogs.  My first post had the JA GQ cover, but that's as far as I want to go.  

Now for this post.  NBC, or GE as we should call them thanks to Tina Fey and the NBC tour I went on, (Did you know that the three notes of the NBC theme are GEC for General Electric Co.  If you knew that answer award yourself three dork points) has rejected the PETA commercial for the Super Bowl. 

I know that all over this gluttonous country people will be stuffing their faces with chicken wings, ribs, burgers, and other such fatty foods (I'll probably be going down the Sirachi wings route myself ending my self imposed vegitarianism for the sake of football) so I understand sex being too riske for America.  

We'll probably see numerous commercials for movies where 5,000 people will be killed, or an add for a company that supplies weapons of destruction for the US Army (going back to the 60s I'm not against the soldiers I'm against the war) will showcase a spot.  

Thank god for NBC and the FCC for saving my eyes from beautiful woman playing with vegitables.  Think of the calories in that commerical compared to that Doritos commercial and then look over at your overweight kid.  The banned commercial's link is below.

Peace Out.

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