Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Hope for 2010

So 2009 closed out with a huge bang, heading to the 10s is going to be a good thing for all my teams in Cleveland and Chicago. I see a very bright future on the horizon and I think this next decade could see very amazing things.

Many more great years with LeBron in a Cavaliers uniform.

The Brownies have an actual staff for the first time since Carmen Policy was running the show with nothing to work with and by the end of his tenure we did make the playoffs, I think a two years we'll be back there again.

For the Indians, we start again, we have some bright young talent but we'll see were Shapiro is taking us.

Down in Tressleville things couldn't be much sweeter than smelling the roses and having total domination over Michigan and the Big 10. Watch out though because I still think the Bucks are the top dogs, but I think the Big 10 is about to have a resurgence and the SEC and Big 12 need to watch out.

The Cubbies have Andre Dawson making the hall, Milton's gone and I think Wrigleyville will be a blast next year.

The Blackhawks are playing the type of hockey I remember when I was a kid, this is Roenick, Chelios, Eddie Belfour style hockey. I'm not a fan of Huet, I know I'm impartial for Niemi, but this Finnish kid is a great goalie.

The Bulls are a disappointment right now and Vinnie is not working--we still have a great basketball player in Rose but we need more.

Da Bears are putting something together too and I think all of the Cutler haters, need to watch out because I see the next Bret Favre in the making and I think this gunslinger from Vanderbilt is going to have a steller year, if we get him targets.

Liverpool, I'm disappointed in this season, but I'll forget about the premier league come June when the U.S., if we are healthy, could make a run of the ages in Johannesburg, watch out England, that game should be great.

And finally what added bonus do we have for 2010, Vancouver Olympics, baby. I'm getting geared up to root Teams U.S.A., Finland, and Canada on... Hopefully that's the hockey medal placings too, but I know that's a dream. I'll be supporting all my countries and we'll see if the U.S. can fight for the overall medal count.