Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who to Root For Super Bowl Edition

Once again, it’s the Super Bowl, and one of my two NFL franchises is not in the game.  Now, I’ve had bad luck in reason years, as far as championships are concerned.  Let’s look at the history of the final game of the year in the various sports that I watch. 

For this I like to go to the year 2007… 

Britney was being Britney, Many was being Many, and it was one of the worst years of my life in regards to sports.  

I don’t use that last phrase lightly, it was the greatest jackrammer (for anyone that watched the Loop they’d get that reference, I also could have said the obscenus word used by the doctor I’m in love with Elliot Reid’s frick, also how do I add footnotes to a blog?  That was for Marissa, see I love footnotes I can’t stop it…) sports year of my life.  Let’s review. 

High School Football 

The Mentor Cardinals lost the Ohio State Athletic Association Div. 1 title, now I didn’t go to Mentor, but I lived in Mentor at the time and in fact our first house when I was a Babe was in Mentor so I was part of One Team Same Dream, and I was rooting for Coach Anderson.  I’ve been going to all the playoff games with my brother, Uncle Mike, Dad, Andrew, Mary Beth, and James.  Mentor football bonding is where Uncle Mike got mad at Andrew for talking like Ditka, and Andrew also wanted the fillet, but those are stories for other times. 

NCAA Championship

THE Ohio State University lost to that team from the state that gave us BUSH.  Enough said.  Also we broke Ted Ginn’s ankle but again a post for another time.

Super Bowl

DA Bears.  Again Devon Hester why’d you pull a Ted Ginn?  I was starting to not like sports at this point. 

NCAA Basketball Championship

Oh Greg Oden, Oh Michael Connely, Oh the Egg Rolls that I fell on and now have a scar on my right upper bicep that I need to tattoo over…enough said again

NBA Championship

Ha, Ha, Ha, I hate the Detroit Pistons, and Detroit baseball fans, oh wait, why don’t I hate the Spurs except that Tony Parker’s the luckiest guy in the world, oh that’s right they gave us Danny Ferry and Mike Brown (Your Eastern Conference All Star Coach boy!)

World Series

Finally I got a break, by this point, Marissa came up with the Marissa Rule or Ben might have came up with the rule, but alas, you know what happened against the angry beaners from Boston (sorry Kim).

Since then whatever team I’m rooting for in the finals loses, Germany in the Euro Cup, the Pats against the Giants (everyone in the bar was rooting for the Giants so I had to root for the under dog at the HOB.

Anyway so what does this have to do with tonight?  Nothing.  But, it’s easy who I’m rooting for if you know me.  Pittsburg, come on, I’m Cleveland to the bone and despite what Rooney did for Obama, I can not root for that city to win another Super Bowl, hey Pukesburg where were you in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 80s when we were good?  Anyway the Cards, where are they from?  Not Arizona, nor Phoenix, nor St. Louis, but what wait a minute, Chicago.  So transitively, if I love Chicago, and the Bears and Browns are not in the Super Bowl, then I have to back the other Chicago team founded in 1920 DA CARDS, Go Kurt, Go Larry, but since I’m backing you there is a far greater chance that you’re going to lose as well,


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